"What you shared allowed me to unearth and begin to face a decade old trauma that has been effecting me unconsciously."

"I am a scientist, and skeptical by nature, which makes the profundity of my experience here that much more telling"

"Nirali, thank you for all your warmth and gentle guidance. I have learned so much from you."
Thank you for seeing WHO. I. AM.   <3

"Nirali is seasoned wisdom. Creates a powerful learning experience to go deep within oneself.  To form strong connections with others, and feel the forgiveness of the Earth. Highly Recommend." 

"It started with fear and ended in compassion."

"The moment I stepped into my first Fertile Void retreat, the trajectory of my life was forever altered. At first, it was a subtle shift in perception. What some might call Hope. The usually solid line between teacher and student was transparent and permeable. The circle we sat in was not of leader and followers but of a collective consciousness. The energy became palpable as we turned inside and to each other.  You never asked of us what you didn’t ask of yourselves. When you challenged us to reach down into the deepest parts of ourselves, to go to the edge of what it means to be human, you too walked right to that edge. What I found with both of you is a place of safe exploration and deep connection. I have been able to bring forward all parts of myself: shame, fear, joy, and love. I am in deep gratitude for your teachings and the humble presence you bring to each retreat. My trust in other human beings was broken at a very early age. Being in retreat with you has begun to restore all that I thought was damaged beyond repair." 

"Dear Nirali, much gratitude & many hallelujahs for the long, proud and rich lineage of feminine theory + practice of meditation. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom. Much of what you said will stay with me & help guide me. " 

Women's day workshop & relational practices session: "Nirali has a calming presence that sets the tone for the whole session and wins her the trust of each member joining.
We meditated together and learned about the importance and power of mindfulness in improving our self-esteem as individuals in the work field and building a strong female community. After this we had a discussion and performed relational activities all lead by Nirali's guidance. The strong emotions, like flushed faces, warm tingling and even tears that came up for a couple of us showed how powerful and effective the session was. I truly believe we created the foundation for a meaningful connection between us, thanks to Nirali. I'm happy to work with her on an ongoing basis." 

"Thank you Nirali! You are an incredible source of wisdom and serenity. I will bring some of your lessons forever in my heart. In deep admiration.  (P.S. thanks for being a voice for women)."

"I learnt to demonstrate courage and experience rawness in relationships both with my self and other beings."

"Nirali - The mindfulness exercises that we completed during the retreat blurred traditional boundaries between inner life and work life in a profoundly effective way, showing how a deeper understanding of the personal can help us to bring out the best in our teammates. I know I am not alone in appreciating the strength that relational mindfulness is sure to bring to our work and community, and I want to thank you for sharing this opportunity with us."

"Our team is continuing this practice on a daily basis. I can only imagine how the wisdom they gain will infuse the transformative effect of their work."

"It was a joy to work with and learn from Nirali! I found it very meaningful for me personally and professionally. Mindfulness meditation is a practice that, from my own personal experience and my understanding of the scientific literature, has a concrete positive impact on my professional work and my personal life. Having gone in and out of practicing meditation for the last year, learning from Nirali at the staff retreat has inspired me to re-incorporate mindfulness mediation into my life which I am very grateful for. I found the relationship mindfulness to also be particularly helpful and I know that it brought our team much closer together."

"It is so amazing being part of an organization that supports mindfulness and self care!"

"I'm having trouble coming up with words to capture how incredible it made the retreat experience. Nirali's guidance and team building activities were transformative. I feel more connected with myself, my teammates and our mission thanks to these special sessions. Thank you!"

"I think the mindfulness sessions really pulled everyone together and raised the overall retreat experience to a higher level of closeness and understanding between the staff." 

"I very much enjoyed the meditation during which we were guided to meditate on something that is bothering us. As someone who tends to push big feelings down (and I did that even during the meditation!), I actually felt a large sense of relief after meditating on that which was bothering me, even though the problem wasn't solved. I've never done that type of meditation before, but I will continue to use it in my life now. Thank you!"

“I cannot express to you how moving and powerful the mindfulness work you facilitated was for our staff. The exercises on the second day, starting with xxx and then moving on the individual department groups, opened us all up in a way that's never happened before. Consistently, our staff said that your sessions were the highlight of the retreat and they certainly were for me. I want to thank you for all your help and efforts, being willingness to spend time doing this incredible work with us.” 

"I want to thank you for the gift of mindfulness you have given us. I have never done anything like this with a group of colleagues. I have been planning/attending large scale travel retreats and workshops for the past 7 years and by far this retreat was the most productive for building relationships and understanding the true state of the organization and it's culture. I truly have a deeper understanding of the organization and how we work with each other. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."