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Answering the Sacred Call: A Three-month Meditation Immersion for Women
(Total hours: 36 hours and 30 mins)

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1) Program Description

Are you truly stepping into your power?  Or are you living somebody else’s life?  Does your heart long for vitality, sacred friendships & connection to the mystery?  

There is something in your heart that you know to be true.  Touching this knowing fills you with sensual radiance, and even moves you to tears.  There is a familiarity, a coming home. It calls you to live for something vaster than yourself, and connects you to the fibers of our interconnection - our mutual belonging.

Yet, answering this deeper call can be messy and painful.  It will require us to look at all of the places in our lives where our most playful spirit, our innate dignity, our intuitive intelligence, and our primal energies are locked or abandoned in some corner of our psyche.  On an individual level, we will begin to work with the numbness, self-doubt, shame, addictions and out-dated habits that block us. Collectively, we will see how the industrial growth consumerist society benefits when we conform to the larger economic and political systems.  

Most importantly, by listening to this call, we witness, with compassion, the seen and unseen violence we inflict on ourselves when we are too afraid to be who we really are.  We discern how our life force is drained by fragmented and conflicted living that may be contributing to anxiety or depression.

Answering your sacred call is the most political act you can choose. This is sacred alchemy. It will impel you to enter the deep-sea caves and the dark fertile forest of your psyche, touch the depth of your senses, and walk to the very edge of the unknown.

This three month program is multi-layered, challenging, and immersive. It will support you in living a life of fierce grace and manifesting your unique gifts and medicine that the world is thirsty to receive.

◈   This course is for you if:

  1. You are tired of sitting in life’s waiting room and know that it is time to live, create and serve with greater integrity, clarity and power.

  2. You feel the collective pain in the world and are moved  to act but are uncertain how.

  3. You have many calls, and want to clarify the call that is longing to be lived right now.

  4. You have a specific call that you know you want to focus on at this time.

  5. You want to experience a deeper insight around your call and consequently embody it more fully.

  6. You want to be a part of a community that is invested in your success and relies on you to be invested in others’ success.

◈   In this course you will:

  1. Clarify your call

    • Connect intimately with your heart, mind, the underworld of the psyche, dreams and the wisdom in your bones.

    • Touch into subtle body energy field, vast unseen forces and deeper realities that open up through ancient meditation practices.

    • Identify different calls and decide which is the most vital and essential for your life right now.

  2. Feel the joy of the call

    • Connect with the life force and juiciness of your particular call.

    • Work with your energy body to stabilize the joy and vitality you feel when you are aligned with your call.

  3. Open up to seen and unseen support

    • Work with dreams, ancestors, and feminine mystery knowledge for guidance and support.

    • Create weekly accountability circles with peers.

    • Identify and reach out to mentors, friends, and community members to support your chosen call.

  4. Recognize your divinity

    • Engage in group mirroring and reflecting back your greater essence that is manifested through living your call.

  5. Heed the call

    • Create dynamic weekly action plans.

    • Identify supports and barriers to action.

  6. Work with obstacles to answering the call

    • Identify your personal patterns that block you from following through on your goals.

    • Identify how oppressive systems like patriarchy, racism and heterosexism internalize in our psyches and form blocks.

  7. Spell-casting creativity

    • Decolonize the mind and reclaim your voice.

    • Dare to be playful, bold and expressive.

    • Allow the abundance of friendships, community and collaborations to nourish you.

    • A willingness to be humble and make mistakes.

    • To offer oneself as a hollow bone for creativity and the sacred energies to flow through you.

  8. Draw from your inner well of knowing and learn to trust it

    • Seeing our call as a response to the collective pain, and a movement towards mutual liberation.

    • Identify the courage and power that comes when we connect with the political nature of our call.

  9. Recommit to the call

    • Create accountability circles post graduation.

2) Retreat Date & Time

(A) Non Residential Retreat

October 12 (6:30pm-9:15pm) 
October 13 (10:00am-6:00pm)
October 14 (11:00am-5:00pm)

(Approx. 16 hours 45 mins)


(B) Gatherings

October 25 (6:30pm-9:15pm)

November 8 (6:30pm-9:15pm)

November 15 (6:30pm-9:15pm)

December 6 (6:30pm-9:15pm)

December 20 (6:30pm-9:15pm)

(Approx.  13 hours and 45 mins)

(C) Closing

January 5 (10:00am-5:00pm)

(Approx. 6 hours)

Venue: Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley, 933 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94710

3) Please Note

  • All those in the gender spectrum who identify as female are welcome.

  • For the benefit of the group process, punctuality and full attendance are requested. If you are unable to attend more than two gatherings than please be sure to mention during registration.

  • While the retreat draws from some Buddhist teachings, this series is non-sectarian and has no affiliation with any religion, organizations or institution.

  • Please be aware that this is a workshop style retreat that will include some periods of silence and some periods of speaking. Some exercises may be emotionally evocative as we learn to face and respond to the expansive and contracted states of our inner and outer worlds.

4) Diversity

We are committed to diversity and inclusive community building.  Our sincere wish is to learn. To create a nourishing space for people from a wide range of backgrounds, race, class and sexual orientation.

5) Contribution

First ten people who register by August 30th: $650

After that, sliding scale: $850 - $2,000 (to cover the full cost of the program is $1,500)*

About Finances: Sliding-scale prices allow us to keep programs affordable for those with limited financial means. Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who cannot afford the full cost, the opportunity to attend. Thank you for your generosity. Please note that the fees are non-refundable. 

*For your estimates: The total cost of approximately 36 hours of instruction at a rate of $100 per hour from two highly trained and experienced instructors in a very small group setting, is equal to $3600. 

6) Registration Process

Please complete this online registration form:

7) Teacher Bio

1606263_10202141115562633_2126605461_o (1).jpg

Erin Selover is a dharma teacher, body-oriented psychotherapist and lover of all things wild and mysterious. She teaches at Spirit Rock and in her local community in Berkeley, CA. After completing more training programs than she can name she is actively apprenticing with her own inner muse and welcomes you to join her on this journey. More on  



Nirali Shah offers Counseling and teaches Mindfulness Meditation retreats with an emphasis on mind-body awareness and self-inquiry. She has spent thousands of hours meditating in silent retreats in monasteries, meditation centers and cells in Asia and the United States. You can read more here.

8) Contact

If you have any questions, you can contact: info(at)shvaas(dot)org

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