FAQ Section

This section covers most of the Frequently Asked Questions

1) When does the program begin? And how long will it last?

The program will start in October 2018 and will continue for 12 months.

2) What medium can I use to access the program?

The program will be offered on the video communications platform called Zoom. You can access the Zoom Calls via phone, ipad or laptop. 

3) How often will we meet for the meditation sessions?

We will meet online twice a month. Most sessions will be 60 minutes and some will be 90 minutes long. 

  • Beginning of the month: Guided meditation and a Mindfulness talk explaining the topic of the month. Q&A

    1. Middle of the month: Discussion on the topic. Relational practices.

4) What is the time commitment?

We encourage participants to engage in the following. However, we understand that life is full and so if you cannot fulfill the below mentioned commitments, there is no penalty. However, if you want to receive the "Certificate of Completion" then read the answer to Question #5.

  • Attend the two monthly calls which will be about 60 mins each. Once in a while there will be a 90 min call.

  • Have a daily meditation practice of minimum 10 minutes.

  • Take time to journal and fill in the reflection workbook for a minimum of one hour each month.

  • Engage in buddy meetings for about 2 hours each month.

5) What do I need to do to qualify to receive the 'Certificate of Completion'?

In order to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program, you will need to:

(a) Attend at least 14 out of the 24 sessions (b) have a daily meditation practice of a minimum of ten minutes (c) Spend at least 1 hour each month to work with the reflection questions that will be offered to you.

6) Can I drop out in the middle of the 12 months program?

Yes. The program is optional. You are always in choice and can drop out of the program at any point you like. However, we request you to join the program in a formal and intentional manner for the benefit of all participants. Similar, if you want to drop out of the program, do so in a formal way. This would mean, that you will officially de-register from the program by filling up a form and will not be allowed to re-join later. 

7) I feel uncomfortable being vulnerable with my colleagues. I do not want to share personal information with them.

This is an important concern.  This program has two aspects. At one level, we are inviting a certain level of authenticity and openness. This helps in breaking walls and connecting with others in a warm-hearted and human way.  This nurtures a culture of goodwill in the organization.

The second aspect of the program is to learn the skill of creating healthy boundaries and not ending up with an over-sharing hangover! So this program will also encourage the art of building healthy relationships by setting and sustaining personal boundaries.

This way, we will learn to create a fine balance whereby we are not isolated or robotic in our relationships with our colleagues, and at the same time we are not overly vulnerable or exposed.

8) What are the main benefits of this program?

  1. This program will support you in cultivating a strong and clear understanding of mindfulness meditation practice.

  2. We live in a fast paced hyper-active world, compounded by technology, where a lot of us feel time-crunched, stressed, and overwhelmed. The practices and tools offered in this program will help you slow down and connect with your own heart and mind with a greater sense of ease, restedness and clarity.

  3. This program will support you in establishing a daily practice.

  4. The program aims to create a culture of deep listening, kindness, mutual respect and skillful communication in your organization. 

  5. The 'topic of each month' will shed light on the various facets of this powerful practice.

  6. The program will show participants how to bring a sense of spaciousness, ease, centeredness and embodied presence in their life. It will help participants heal from stress, burn-out and anxiety. It will support them in establishing a healthy relationship with work and responsibilities.

  7. Reflection Course Guide: We will offer 'reflection questions' as a way for you to deepen your own understanding of your meditation experience connected to the theme of each month. Filling this short workbook will perhaps be a very enjoyable process. Answering questions will clarify the practice and you can refer back to your answers whenever you want to in the future.

9) What is the ideal way to participate in the sessions?

You are welcome to participate in the program from your desk or your home.

It is however recommended that you attend the sessions as a team situated in the same room. You can find a quiet room in the office to sit together to attend the sessions. 

10) Is there a cost to attend this program?

The program has been offered as a gift to your organization. So you are not required to pay anything.