Trainings and Consulting

For Trainings and Consulting in Organizations:  We have offered Trainings and Workshops at organizations like Google Headquarters, Stanford University, Non-profits and large Conferences. Currently we are offering an online "Year Long Mindfulness Program" for the staff of at least a dozen prominent organizations across United states and Europe. If you would like to invite Nirali to speak or offer a workshop at your organization, please click here.

Individual Counseling and Coaching Sessions:

I employ an integration of Buddhist Meditation, Depth Psychology, and Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Healing by Peter Levine) to work with individuals and couples. 
I am not a licensed psychotherapist. I work outside the mental health system. You can read here why I have actively chosen to not get my license.

It is recommended to start with a 20 minute phone call. This may be followed by hour long, one-on-one sessions, in my office in Berkeley or via Video Calls. 

Important: I have assigned a few hours each week, where I see activists and full time artists. These sessions are paid on a "sliding scale" model. 

You can directly book time by using the calendar below. If you have questions, please use the form on the contact page.


"Nirali is seasoned wisdom. 
Creates a powerful learning experience to go deep within oneself. 
To form strong connections with others, and feel the forgiveness of the Earth. Highly Recommend." 

"What you shared allowed me to unearth and begin to face a decade old trauma that has been effecting me unconsciously."

"It started with fear and ended in compassion."

"I learnt to demonstrate courage and experience rawness in relationships both with my self and other beings."

"Dear Nirali, 
Much gratitude & many hallelujahs for the long, proud and rich lineage of feminine theory + practice of meditation. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom. Much of what you said will stay with me & help guide me. " 

"Thank you Nirali! You are an incredible source of wisdom and serenity. I will bring some of your lessons forever in my heart. In deep admiration.
P.S. thanks for being a voice for women."

"Nirali, thank you for all your warmth and gentle guidance. I have learned so much from you."

Thank you for seeing WHO. I. AM. <3

"I am a scientist, and skeptical by nature, which makes the profundity of my experience here that much more telling"