Music Concert:
Soulful Satsang of Indian Folk & Sufi Music with
 Prahlad Singh Tipanya

When: May 7th, 2017, 6:30pm
Where: Oakland, California

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Prahlad Singh Tipanya is the world's foremost folk singer of the poetry of Kabir - the profound 15th century mystic poet and Sufi saint, most famous for his iconoclasm and sharp social commentary. 

Yet to call Prahladji merely a folk musician is a vast understatement.  His words and music touch the very depths of the heart, and his presence animates a living connection to the wisdom and clarity of realized mystical experience.  Kabir's experiences and insights come from a place so deep within that they reside within us as well.  His criticism is so rich with love that it spontaneously shifts its targets into alignment with high ideals and simple truths.  Prahladji's incredible humility and commentary only add to the resonance of what moves listeners at the center of their being.

I've listened to Prahladji online through The Kabir Project, and several films where he features prominently, yet hearing him in person brought me to tears-- even when I didn't fully grasp the lyricism and spiritual wit of the poetry.

You're invited to be a part of this powerful evening of soulful satsang!  
Please be sure to RSVP as we have limited seating. 

- Samir Patel, Rahul Brown, Asha Brown & Nirali Shah