Incubate your Innerspace

A Retreat on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Date: Dec 2nd to Dec 4th, 2016

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Our biology and our nervous system has evolved over a long period of time in a close relationship with nature. We find ourselves in a fast-paced competition environment that our biology does not expect and this creates stress, overstimulation and even chronic levels of anxiety.

Research shows that if left unmanaged, chronic stress can lead to emotional, psychological, and even grave physical problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

This retreat is secular and has no affiliation with any religion, organization or institution.


What is Mindfulness?

'Mindfulness is a capacity of purposefully bringing attention to one’s present moment experience as it arises in the thoughts, emotions or body sensations without judgment; with a willingness to be open and curious.'

Mindfulness originates from the Pali word ‘Sati’ as taught by the Buddha. It is at the foundation of Vipassana, Zen and various Vajrayana practices.

The Mindfulness Movement

For thousands of years, this practice has been taught in monasteries around the world.

Today, mindfulness meditation has become integral to employee productivity and well-being at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Many such companies have established meditation rooms and offer classes throughout the year. It is also actively taught in hundreds of schools and universities across United States and Europe.

Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Berkeley and UCLA are spending millions of dollars on scientific research that reveals the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Most of these colleges also have centers and buildings dedicated to teaching this practice.

Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Modern neuroscience reveals Mindfulness Meditation leads to reduced stress and anxiety and increases concentration, focus and well-being. Mindfulness helps the brain encode its patterns towards greater compassion and emotional resilience in face of difficult challenges – some of the most critical qualities for success.

A seminal study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. The results of another important study published in NeuroReport show thicker cortical regions related to attention and sensory processing.

Studies show that rumination and worry contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Mindfulness-based interventions are effective in the reduction of both illnesses.


What to expect at this retreat?

This retreat is an invitation to take a sacred pause. Here you will learn to slow down, watch the movement of life with greater tenderness and a radical acceptance of ‘what is’.

A mindfulness retreat gives you the opportunity to profoundly drop inside your body and explore the subtle and mysterious layers of your subconscious. It helps you tune into your thoughts, emotions and deepest callings; opening up spaces that might block the flow of the creative force.

This retreat has been finely designed to offer an experience of journeying and entering together as a community into states of deep-time and deep-space. As we establish in concentration and stability of the mind, we begin to experience healing and awakening that radiates outward from the individual - to the interpersonal - to our beloved Earth and our inextricable inter-beingness


Personal Awakening

• Understanding the power of 'Mindfulness Meditation' and experiencing the practice through guided meditation.

• Overview of the Neuroscience of Mindfulness and its connection with creativity, focus, clarity and productivity.

• Learn how to practice “self-compassion” that can lead to more care, authenticity and wellbeing.


Awakening in Relationships

• Relational Mindfulness activities will show us how to carry our practice from the cushion into the world. We learn how to offer the most precious gifts of presence, spaciousness, non-judgment and compassion to others.

• Discover the role of empathy. How do we live with presence and foster deeper connections?

• Dyads and small group activities are designed to bring attunement, deep listening and empathy in inter-personal relationships.

Awakening to the Earth and our Inter-existence

"In deep and lasting ways, when we heal ourselves, we heal the world." -Mark Nepo

We are alive at an extraordinary time in history – some call it the Great Turning. Our world is on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020. Climate change is already creating unprecedented impact on the lives of the poorest of poor. Wars are displacing millions of lives.

At this retreat, we will explore how to integrate our meditation practice with our desire to respond to ecological and social justice issues such as inequities of money, gender, sexual orientation, race or caste that are affecting our world in very real ways.